‘The word ‘tapas’ comes from the Spanish verb ‘tapar’ which means to cover…’ male voice with a strong Spanish accent reaches our table. Restaurant Gavinet, a doll house sized tapas bar with wallet-friendly prices, is located in the Born district and is very popular among locals and expats like myself, who are eventually brought here by the locals.

‘It’s not ‘morsisha’, it’s ‘morsia’!’ the waitress mocks my pseudo-Argentinian accent every time I order my favorite blood sausage. ‘Ok! Ok! Morsia! Whatever you say. Just give it to me! Give it! Give it!’ Laughing, the waitress goes away only to come back ten minutes later with the first pair of plates filled with mouth watering Spanish jamon (also know as ‘ham’ but I conjure you to never use this word when referring to the king of Spanish food culture!) and gigantic home salad with tuna fish and octopus. Laughing, informal, relaxed, friendly and very very tasty – this is how it works here.

If you are coming in a group of seven or eight, I suggest you call in advance and book the separate room with a large round table on the second floor.  And I surely suggest you come with an empty stomach!  

Film scholar and a tango fanatic, I was born in 1983 in the gloomy cold place called Estonia. I first visited Barcelona three years ago. The colors, the sounds, the smells, and the inimitable vibe of the city – it did not take long for Barcelona to put its spell on me! ‘This is a city I want to live in’, a thought kept spinning through my head while I was jostling through the endless flow of crowd at La Rambla. So now its your turn! Do yourself a favor, get on a plane/train/bus/car and let this city do its magics!