This is quite a restaurant, the name is quite weird and normally I would not go in a place named Glop, but a friend of mine invited me and I am quite happy I was talked into trying it out. It is not only a place to eat, but also a place to come and enjoy drinking fine wines in a Catalan style. What is this style? It’s simple, they serve you wine in a kind of strange scientific test tube called a porro, which you can either use to serve yourself a glass or otherwise drink straight from it while distancing it as much as you can from your mouth.
The best thing is that no one cares when you make an arse out of yourself and spill it all over your brand new white shirt. Everyone laughs and joins in. As for the food, it was lovely as well. They serve a lot of Catalan cuisine, and it was very tasty. For me, it was my first time trying it out and I enjoyed a mixed dish with several things, including butifarra, which is a Catalan sausage, and calcots, which is a grilled leek, among other grilled meats and vegetables. Make sure you come with some locals, so they can teach you the traditions; it makes the experience a lot better.

David Picon
Hello Everyone! My name is David Picon. I am a cinematographer living in Barcelona. I love this city, it has wonderful sights, beautiful architecture and some great parties, not to mention awesome beaches. I enjoy going out, mostly to jazz and hip-hop clubs, but every once in a while I go in for the electronic venues. Other than that, I am an intense foodie, and a film buff.
David Picon