If you are a Burger enthusiast, then you have to visit this place immediately. I have tried burgers all over town, but there is something special about these ones. Maybe it’s the fresh wheat bread, slow cooked meat paddies, crispy bacon strips and gourmet vegetables, or just maybe, it could be all of it. It’s kind of like the best meat in town met the best buns in town, and their offspring were the Pim Pam burgers.  The cooks take their job seriously and insist that Pin Pam is not just another fast food restaurant, they are a gourmet restaurant that takes their time cooking up some wicked burgers.

You might have to wait a little while for it, but you will get a special treat. I would recommend that you try to visit it during lunch hours, because at night it becomes the target of the burger zombies, coming in to have an enraged feeding frenzy and then you have a problem: No tables! A lot of waiting around in line to get your order, a lot more waiting to get a table, and sometimes you will simply have to eat standing up or take your delicious burger outside. Which, I did last time I was there. Luckily, the satisfaction of each bite is worth all these little problems.  A full meal won´t cost more than 10€, for example my favorite is the 200gr Barbecue Burger with fries, which will amount to 8€.

David Picon
Hello Everyone! My name is David Picon. I am a cinematographer living in Barcelona. I love this city, it has wonderful sights, beautiful architecture and some great parties, not to mention awesome beaches. I enjoy going out, mostly to jazz and hip-hop clubs, but every once in a while I go in for the electronic venues. Other than that, I am an intense foodie, and a film buff.
David Picon