Q: Who shouldn’t go to the Champagneria ?
A: People who are claustrophobic and like a big radius of personal space.

Q: Who should go to the Champagneria?
A: Everyone else- and at times it feels like that’s who is in there!

It´s almost like the floor of the stock market with hands being raised to accept bottles of cava, orders being shouted out, several different languages in exchange and no seating.

Take a couple of alleyways from the main roads of the Port/Barceloneta and head to that warehouse looking place, busting at the seams with jolly, rose-cheeked patrons.

Genuine and homey are two words that come to mind when I think of this place. As veteran bar hoppers will well know, the trick to getting service is eye contact- lay it on heavy to get your bottle of Cava and tapas. I´ve heard that the trick to actually getting a spot inside is getting there before 8pm, and it does shut quite early at 10pm.

Apparently the rule La Champagneria Cava Bar have about buying food with all drinks purchased, is to stop people being completely drunk at lunch time. Sounds fair and delicious enough to me! So accompany your bottle of Catalonian champagne with sausages, ham (of course), cheese, chicken sandwiches and cheeseburgers. All very well priced at around 4€ for a bottle.

La Champagneria is a great place to go for a couple of drinks and accidentally end up stumbling out of just before they close.

Becky Robinson
Hola! My name is Becky. I´m yet another Australian expat who fell for the beautiful mistress we like to call Barcelona and stayed far, far longer than once intended. I throw myself into the cities events, bars, clubs, shops etc, with reckless abandon to bring you these reviews. It´s all for you! ...Or is it just an excuse to party and spend lots of money without feeling guilty?... Either way, read up on some of my favorite ways to see this exciting and eclectic city. Happy travels and welcome to BCN!