I found this place by accident on a slightly hung-over walk to Burger King and I couldn´t be more glad that I didn´t quite make it there. I know it´s a big call but this was the best burger from an (almost) fast food place I have ever had. Although it´s not your typical fast food joint- they offer table service and it feels more like you are at a swish tapas bar, it only took minutes for my food to arrive.

I found the menu a bit intimidating to start with but the waitress was happy to explain it and it was available in English and Spanish. The burger cannot be changed because the cheese, herbs, spices, etc, are mixed into the meat but there are enough varieties for this not to matter. With each of the burger varieties they suggest the sauce which will most compliment it and you can find all of them on tables around the establishment.

Every burger comes with chips, a couple of olives for you to snack on whilst waiting for your meal and at the end a complimentary desert- a liquor filled chocolate ball complete with the franchises logo.

Burgers come in 30 varieties, starting from 8€, classified as Basic, Classic, Gourmet, Mini and Selection and there are 6 types of bread.

The burgers are big enough to be filling but not so much that you feel the need to waddle out of there. The chips (crisps, not fries) serve as a good opportunity to try all of the sauces out before adding them to your burger.

There are only two stores so far in Barcelona, but I can see this being a big hit and expanding.

(Moll d’Espanya, 28 Barcelona Open Monday- Sat 10:00- 21:30

and Av. Diagonal 557 Barcelona Open Monday- Sun 12:00- 24:00)

Becky Robinson
Hola! My name is Becky. I´m yet another Australian expat who fell for the beautiful mistress we like to call Barcelona and stayed far, far longer than once intended. I throw myself into the cities events, bars, clubs, shops etc, with reckless abandon to bring you these reviews. It´s all for you! ...Or is it just an excuse to party and spend lots of money without feeling guilty?... Either way, read up on some of my favorite ways to see this exciting and eclectic city. Happy travels and welcome to BCN!