Club Opium is definitely one of the best clubs in Barcelona, and it is one of the biggest as well. The decoration is simply out of this world, and the events are amazing. You can find it right by the side of the beach, so it is one of the favourite summer clubs to attend to. There are always huge international names coming into the line-ups, and their music will usually remain blasting till the brink of the dawn.
The dress code is usually very strict, so you have to try to dress with your best outfits if you don’t want to be bounced early. They actually write this in their page, something like “our club deserves your best outfits”, the kind of douche remark that would make a person like me want to go someplace else, but in the end ignoring these things is definitely worth it. You will have a great time, dance your buttocks off into the night, converge with a lot of great people, and have the beach next to door to cool down your hype in the early dawn, just before going home. By the way, you should only do this during the summer. I have to insist that you do not try any of this during the winter months. You will freeze no matter how drunk you are and how much you think you can take it.

David Picon
Hello Everyone! My name is David Picon. I am a cinematographer living in Barcelona. I love this city, it has wonderful sights, beautiful architecture and some great parties, not to mention awesome beaches. I enjoy going out, mostly to jazz and hip-hop clubs, but every once in a while I go in for the electronic venues. Other than that, I am an intense foodie, and a film buff.
David Picon