Club Jamboree is conveniently located in the centre of town. It’s at Plaça Reial, just off La Rambla, where you’ll find the famous Quinze nits and Taxidermista restaurants, the best-known secret bar (Pipa club) and the home of music clubs.
Jamboree is the best live music venue at the square. It’s been awarded as the best jazz club more than three times. National and international singers and bands have performed in this club. It opened its doors in 1960.

It hosts incredible bands and performers on all evenings from Monday to Sunday. There is no shortage of music to please everyone’s taste. There’s jazz, blues, Latin, hip-hop, funky, soul and tango on the menu in this cave-like place.

Jam sessions take place on Monday evening at 8 pm for € 4. They are called What The Fuck and attract local and international musicians as well as a lively crowd to enjoy basically jazz music.

From Tuesday to Sunday, there are lots of concerts held. Prices may vary depending on who’s coming, from 8 to 20 Euros.

Guests are mainly Spanish, though. If you like Blues I recommend you Motis-Chamorro Quintet & Scott Hamilton from April 12 to April 14. Andrea Motis is an amazing teenage saxophonist, trumpet player and jazz/blues singer from Barcelona who’s become very famous for her undeniable talent.

The place gets very busy at night. It has just two rooms. However, don’t think Jamboree is just a small concert hall because after the gigs, the two-room venue turns into a dance club offering funky, hip-hop and R&B tunes from midnight to 5 am. The atmophere is friendly and intimate.

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