Club City Hall is right by Catalunya plaza, right in the centre of town. It is a great place, filled with different kinds of people. Last time I went, I found myself talking with some girls from Denmark at some moment of the party, and shortly after I was hanging out in the terrace with some dudes from Mexico.
The place attracts people from all over, maybe it is has to do with the location, which is very accessible to tourist going up and down la Ramblas. It probably has to do with the music, which changes between hip-hop, rhythm and blues, house and techno, depending on the hour of night and the room you are in. The rooms are great, a small one on the first floor, where hip-hop reigned supreme last night,  a big dance floor downstairs where techno and house was the mix of the day, and a terrace right next to it, where you can cool down and chat while smoking a few cigarettes. City Hall is a fun place, and it is one of those clubs where you can get a free entrance by registering to a V.I.P list. Drinks are not cheap, so if you want to feel the alcohol flow through your veins and make you forget how foolish you look when you dance, then bring money, you will definitely need it, beers are 6 euros and most cocktails go for 10 euros.

David Picon
Hello Everyone! My name is David Picon. I am a cinematographer living in Barcelona. I love this city, it has wonderful sights, beautiful architecture and some great parties, not to mention awesome beaches. I enjoy going out, mostly to jazz and hip-hop clubs, but every once in a while I go in for the electronic venues. Other than that, I am an intense foodie, and a film buff.
David Picon