I really like bootleg bar, it has a cool name, it has some cool people working behind the bar and kitchen, it even has some great decorative space. I can give it two thumbs up just because it has two red leather chairs on the mezzanine floor, where you can sit with a special someone in the afternoon, to have a cup of cappuccino, or during the night, for a foamy white beer. The bar is located in the Born area, like many of the places I usually frequent, and it is not that big, there is no music blasting in your ears, making you shout when you really want to whisper.
It is a bar for smooth conversation, jokes, stories, smiles and laughs. The decoration is incredible, and it makes you feel comfortable, so you might want to stay quite a while. Recently, I learned that a web series will use it as a location to shoot it, so that alone can be a reference on just how cool the place looks. Another good reason to visit it is the cheap drinks.  A big “caña”, which is a beer from the tap, costs only 2 euros. The food is also quite good, they have a bit of everything at an affordable price. And one of the greatest things about the bar is that it is dog-friendly, so you can walk in with your dog on a leash and have a beer. They have a dog of their own living inside the bar, which can always fraternize with your dog while you fraternize with everyone else.

David Picon
Hello Everyone! My name is David Picon. I am a cinematographer living in Barcelona. I love this city, it has wonderful sights, beautiful architecture and some great parties, not to mention awesome beaches. I enjoy going out, mostly to jazz and hip-hop clubs, but every once in a while I go in for the electronic venues. Other than that, I am an intense foodie, and a film buff.
David Picon