Every year on March the 2nd the locals from the trendy district of Gràcia celebrate Sant Medir’s Day in the streets. Sant Medir is the patron saint of broad beans. The legend tells that, back in the Roman times, a poor pageant was planting some beans when, suddenly, a Catalan bishop came across Medir. He told him the Romans were running after him and let him know where he would hide. The bishop asked him to tell the soldiers the truth about his whereabouts. Once the Roman arrived, they wouldn’t trust the poor pageant and kill him both.

You probably think we eat broad beans to honour him, but we don’t. Thousands of people gather together in the streets to wait impatiently for a special parade where sweets are given away from carts, horses and metamorphosed trucks. The pilgrimage starts at 8 pm in Gran de Gràcia’s street, next to Fontana’s underground stop (L3) and it goes down along the street. It’s really a festival and a colourful fun march, which concludes with a great fireworks display. It features strolling merry musicians, jugglers, performers dressed in traditional clothes, old carts and riders holding flags in their horses. The pavements are packed with people but the jolly good atmosphere is always guaranteed. All balconies are full of neighbours who don’t want to miss the sweetest annual show. Don’t miss it either if you are in Barcelona. Take your umbrella with you for the sweet showery.

It is true that the most famous activity on Sant Medir’s day is the parade at night, but in the morning, the streets of the quarter are also packed with people at 10 am in front of the town hall to see another parade featuring giants, human towers, folkloric musicians and performers.


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