Put your hat on this coming Sunday and join the merry walk in Barcelona to celebrate the springtime.

It is inspired by the annual New York City Easter parade, which has been held since the 1880’s.

While the Americans stroll along Fith Avenue wearing basically floral bonnets and glamorous outfits, most of the locals in Barcelona wander along the Rambla de Catalunya wearing vintage hats and casual clothes. Any type of hat or design works, tough. Berets, sun hats, bonnets, even caps are more than welcome. It doesn’t matter if they are old-fashioned, trendy, brand-new or shabby. You don’t have any excuse to miss it. Of course, the only requirement for this awkward special event is wearing something that covers your head.

The number of participants has been growing each year. The first parade, known in town as the Passejada amb barret, took place in 2005 with 90 visitors. Last year the parade registered around six hundred participants. This year the festival celebrates its 9th edition. It is organised by two distinguished hat designers in Barcelona: Nina Pawlowsky and Cristina Prada.

Besides, lots of stores take part in the exhibition, decorating their shop windows or offering interesting free activities such as Gratacós shop. The establishment, located on Passeig de Gràcia 110, will show you on Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm how to make hats and how to make yourself up.

The walk starts at noon at Rambla de Catalunya, at the junction with Avinguda Diagonal, where you will see the statue of a giraffe. You don’t have to sign in anywhere. The event is for free. If you wear your hat, you’ll be given a badge at the meeting point where there will be hundreds of people: participants, curious visitors with no headgear and, obviously the press too.

Pop in and enjoy the Carnival once again. Don’t forget to put your hat on!

Hello, there! I’m Eva. I’m 33 years old and happy to live in Barcelona, where I was born. Enthusiastic, dynamic, open-minded, friendly and patient. I have always had itchy feet and enjoyed travelling and exploring new places. Eager to learn more and more every day and embark on new adventures for treasure hunts. A Barcelona lover who becomes homesick when is far from her charming city for a long period of time. I like mingling with the melting pot, getting lost in the narrowest medieval streets of the Gothic quarter and smelling the aroma of countless enticing cafés. An excellent hostess and tour guide.



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