After the Easter parade called “passejada amb barret”, where hundreds of people walked along Rambla Catalunya to welcome the springtime wearing a hat, now the Plaça del Rei (The King’s square) bursts into full bloom with folk music every Friday evening until late at night. It’s a perfect chance to enjoy traditional music in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona at an open-air medieval square for free. It’s a festival that has been taking place for so long. This year celebrates its 57th edition with dance workshops (from 9:30 to 10 pm) and traditional music played by different bands till midnight.

Here you have the programme to join the merry dancers or get a kick out of the traditional music from around the world.

April 5
 9:30 pm Family Dance workshop (Oriol Fonollosa)
10:00 pm The Cobleta the pat

April 12
 9:30 pm Dance Workshop: Basic polska (Elmar Laubender)
10:00 pm Anakaona

April 19
 9:30 pm Workshop dances: foxtrot (Sergi Badesi)
10:00 pm Vegetable Jam

April 26 
9:30 pm Dance Workshop: Basque Fandango (Raquel Terraza)
10:00 pm Trad thyme

May 3
 9:30 pm Family Dance workshop (Oriol Fonollosa)
10:00 pm Company of random

May 10 
9:30 pm Dance Workshop: mazurka (Montserrat Rubio)
10:00 pm Marsupials

May 17
 9:30 pm Workshop Greek dances
10:00 pm John Brudieu Folk Orchestra (students’ performance)

May 24 9:30 pm Dance Workshop: polka star’s (Sergi Badesi)
10:00 pm The Bridge Arcalís

May 31
 9:30 pm Dance Workshop: Dance Plan / sbrando (Henry Sans)
10:00 pm The Creature Green

June 7
 9:30 pm Family dance workshop (Oriol Fonollosa)
10:00 pm – Bufanúvols

June 14
 8 pm Exhibition of traditional instruments from Colombia and the Caribbean islands.
9:45 pm – Colombian – Caribbean dancing workshop
10:00 pm – The Vallesana School students and diatonic Disperse

June 21 
9:30 pm Dance Workshop: Polka from a Catalan group
10:00 pm In Drawer

Eva Verges
Hello, there! I’m Eva. I’m 33 years old and happy to live in Barcelona, where I was born. Enthusiastic, dynamic, open-minded, friendly and patient. I have always had itchy feet and enjoyed travelling and exploring new places. Eager to learn more and more every day and embark on new adventures for treasure hunts. A Barcelona lover who becomes homesick when is far from her charming city for a long period of time. I like mingling with the melting pot, getting lost in the narrowest medieval streets of the Gothic quarter and smelling the aroma of countless enticing cafés. Its eclectic non-stop style doesn’t let you stay at home. An excellent hostess and tour guide.



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