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Becky Robinson

  • Hola! My name is Becky. I´m yet another Australian expat who fell for the beautiful mistress we like to call Barcelona and stayed far, far longer than once intended. I throw myself into the cities events, bars, clubs, shops etc, with reckless abandon to bring you these reviews. It´s all for you! ...Or is it just an excuse to party and spend lots of money without feeling guilty?... Either way, read up on some of my favorite ways to see this exciting and eclectic city. Happy travels and welcome to BCN!

Sub Rosa Cocktail Bar

Sub Rosa is a hidden gem among the urine soaked alleyways that run like capillaries off of Plaça Reial. Daquiris […]

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Erotic Museum

I have to admit that being somewhat of a connoisseur of erotic museums, with Paris, Amsterdam and Prague under my […]

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MOOG Nightclub

When a friend of mine cheekily comments that ¨it feels like a MOOG night…¨ I know exactly what she means. […]

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La Basilica Art & Jewel Gallery

Welcoming you to the gallery sits a mannequin studded with thousands of red, Swarovski jewels and her loyal companion, a […]

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Imanart Gallery

At the intersection of Carrer Viladecols where biscuit-coloured Roman artefacts lay in perfect contrast to the confetti of graffitied doorways, […]

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X Games Extreme Sports Competition

There´s no better place than Barcelona, for fans of skateboarding, Motocross, Moto-rally and BMX, during the month of May. The […]

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