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  • Film scholar and a tango fanatic, I was born in 1983 in the gloomy cold place called Estonia. I first visited Barcelona three years ago. The colors, the sounds, the smells, and the inimitable vibe of the city – it did not take long for Barcelona to put its spell on me! ‘This is a city I want to live in’, a thought kept spinning through my head while I was jostling through the endless flow of crowd at La Rambla. So now its your turn! Do yourself a favor, get on a plane/train/bus/car and let this city do its magics!

Tea room La Clandestina

Even though the Spaniards do know a great deal about good food, they can hardly be suspected in the highly […]

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Tapas restaurant Gavinet

‘The word ‘tapas’ comes from the Spanish verb ‘tapar’ which means to cover…’ male voice with a strong Spanish accent […]

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Sealed off by the prostitutes of all sizes and colors, pimps with all types of indifference written on their faces […]

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Dionisos Barcelona, Greek fast food

‘Terrific race, the Romans. Terrific.’ says prisoner Ben in the Life of Brian. Wrong! The greatest nation when it comes […]

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Herboresteria Lloret in Gracia

No point in hiding – there is an inner freak in each of us. Mine, for example, has an irrational […]

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An ordinary wonder: Woody Allen’s Grocery shop

‘Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder’ suggested E.B. White. Isn’t is the best advise both a […]

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James Blake concert at Nitsa Club

The one and only ‘soulful dubstep’ prodigy will host a DJ set at Nitsa Club, alongside his 1-800 Dinosaur collaborators Airhead […]

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Botanical Garden

Have you ever noticed how certain landscapes follow the rules other than mere physics and geometry. They demand for the […]

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