There are no Mariachis in Barcelona. Even if on La Rambla you can get a Mexican hat as a souvenir and see tourists wearing them, you are not in Mexico. Even if some US series tend to use a Mexican accent when there is a Spanish character.

Yesterday evening, if you followed “How I met my mother”, the episode “Fanny pack” on CBS, you could see Mariachis wearing their Mexican hats, singing in Barcelona Park Güell.

“How I met my mother” is a funny North-American comedy about Ted Mosby and his friends. Josh Radnor stars as Ted and tells his children the story how he fell in love. It airs on Mondays on CBS. The current season 8 is about to conclude this month.

The main character told his friends one of his trips to Spain. A map was shown on TV. Most of the cities were misspelt or put in the wrong place. Barcelona was not anymore, according to the map, along the coast. It was in the centre of Catalonia. Even Mérida, written as Marida, was placed in Portugal and not in Spain.

I can ensure you Barcelona boasts sandy beaches. To me, they are not beautiful like in the north of Catalonia (Costa Brava), but you can have a nice bath and sunbath.

Spain is not Mexico and Mexico is not Spain. We are two different countries although we understand each other like British and North-American people.

Here you have the link to see the episode. The snatch lasts about two minutes.

By the way, here you have some tips if you don’t know what to buy as a souvenir.

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