For many travelers in Barcelona their trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing some original Salvador Dali, arguably one of the country’s most well-known artists. Unfortunately, the principal gallery is a bit of a trek out of the city to a town called Figueres, but for fans it can´t be missed.

There are a couple of companies offering guided tours to take you to Figueres and back but it´s a simple enough journey and much cheaper to do on your own.

Although you could hire a car and drive or take the bus the RENFE Train from Sants Station in Barcelona is the easiest way.

If you are on a budget the slower trains are cheaper, take just over two hours (around 11€) and generally run between 6AM and 10pm.

There aren’t a whole lot of other things to see in Figueres and for this reason you wont have any trouble finding the museum on the little stroll from the train station, just follow the signage for ten minutes.

This isn’t a sterile building, housing framed paintings like most galleries but more of a multi-story house where every wall is a feature-this won´t surprise for Dali fans.

Don´t forget your student ID card if you have one as it will get you a discounted ticket, as well as the unemployed and seniors. Booking on the website hikes the price up by €12…each!
Individual: 12 € (includes Jewels exhibition)
Reduced: 9 € (includes Jewels exhibition)
Groups (+ 25 people): 8 €. Reservation is required.

The opening hours/ days and dates are a bit all over the place so it´s best to check the website.

Becky Robinson
Hola! My name is Becky. I´m yet another Australian expat who fell for the beautiful mistress we like to call Barcelona and stayed far, far longer than once intended. I throw myself into the cities events, bars, clubs, shops etc, with reckless abandon to bring you these reviews. It´s all for you! ...Or is it just an excuse to party and spend lots of money without feeling guilty?... Either way, read up on some of my favorite ways to see this exciting and eclectic city. Happy travels and welcome to BCN!