There are a few traditions that take place in Catalunya that could stir questions for foreigners visiting the city at that special time of year. One such question could be ¨why are there so many things relating to poop?¨…

First, lets have a look at El Caganer which you may see perched in one of the many nativity scenes at various places around the city. Catalans really get into their nativity scenes, encompassing a whole village of statues rather than just the scene of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Setting these up are usually a very family- focused event and takes place on del dia immaculada (the day of immaculate conception).

Our old friend El Caganer is the guy in traditional Catalan dress, casually doing a poop while all the rest of the biblical characters go about their day. His feces is said to be a sign of good luck and of a plentiful harvest for the coming years crops. He usually acts as a Where’s Walley kind of character.

Who’s that cute little guy underneath the blanket and being fed hazelnuts by children every night? Caga Tio of course, the shitting log! He’s literally a bit of tree with a smiley face who gets to eat every night from the 8th of December until Christmas eve or day. Following this the children of the house bash him with a stick until he poops out small presents, like some other cultures would put in a stocking. Larger presents are given to the children by the three kings after a procession through the city on Januray 5th.

Many Catalans will indulge in a traditional stew of meat, vegetables and pasta shells then feast on a stuffed turkey. For desert you could try Torrons which are a nutty, nougarty, delicious treat!

Becky Robinson
Hola! My name is Becky. I´m yet another Australian expat who fell for the beautiful mistress we like to call Barcelona and stayed far, far longer than once intended. I throw myself into the cities events, bars, clubs, shops etc, with reckless abandon to bring you these reviews. It´s all for you! ...Or is it just an excuse to party and spend lots of money without feeling guilty?... Either way, read up on some of my favorite ways to see this exciting and eclectic city. Happy travels and welcome to BCN!