Germany: sweet home for Catalan dogs today. Unemployment rate in Spain reached its peak yesterday at 27,2%. More than 6 million of people are on the dole. These horrendous figures speak for themselves. The severe Spanish Labour Reform, passed in February 2012, is not bringing any growth or tacking the economic crisis. 57% of young Spaniards are jobless and this fatal situation doesn’t seem to come to a bright end in the immediate future.

So, no wonder if a massive wave of qualified and skilled Spaniards decides to go abroad for new opportunities. Germany has become among the Spanish youngsters, mainly engineers and nurses, their German dream.

But are they the only ones who flock to Deutschland? Apparently, Catalan dogs are migrating to Germany too for a better place to live. Dog’s homes and dog’s pounds are full of stray and unwanted pets in Catalonia. Unfortunately, some of these shelters can’t even afford to offer them a desirable treatment.

A survey carried out by Industrieverbandes Heimtierbedarf (IVH) shows that 70% of the German population are dog lovers. This is the reason why, according to Verband für das Deutsche Hundewessen (VDH), the Germans adopt about 100,000 foreign dogs every year, many of them coming from Catalan dog’s homes and pounds.

Animal welfare foundations and organisations in Germany support projects to rescue these poor dogs from the Catalan coast, where lots of German tourists like enjoying their holidays. In fact, these Animal protection societies look for German tourists so that they can use them as their own “Flugpaten” (animal flight companion). If you have a look on the Internet, you will see plenty of websites where these animal flight companions are wanted everywhere. These organisations work together with the dog’s shelters and bring the “Flugpaten” the pet at the airport. They fly with the dogs back to Germany and deliver them to a member of an animal welfare foundation right at the airport as well.

Viel Glück und danke, Deutschland!

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