Baby boom hits FC Barcelona. When Andrés Iniesta scored the winning goal at Chelsea football stadium in the stoppage time to seal their place in the Champion’s League final in 2009 against Manchester United, excitement and euphoria sparked a baby boom in the city nine months after the match. According to a survey, the number of births was nearly 50% higher than the average. In that year, the Catalan team became the first Spanish club to win the six trophies out the six possible cups in one season.

Last week, when the squat struggled to beat the French PSG team and took a step forward reaching the Champion’s League semi-finals, Barça became the first football club to achieve six straight European Cup semi-finals in a row.

No wonder if the footballers in Barça’s team are over the moon and blissfully happy. Have they turned into baby boomers too like many other supporters some years ago?

Andrés Iniesta was the first in the team to have a baby, then the backup goalkeeper José Pinto.

The lethal striker Leo Messi announced last November his baby boy birth as a gift at the same hospital where the goalkeeper Víctor Valdés would have his newborn as well a few days later.

However, the most popular birth published in all the gossip columns around the world was Milan’s arrival. The defender Gerard Piqué and the singer Shakira welcomed his first baby in January 2013.
David Villa, Pedro, and Cesc Fábregas have been the last ones this year. Cesc’s girlfriend gave birth while FC Barcelona was playing the final-quarter return leg against PSG last week.

To sum up, six footballers have had a baby. Six titles out of the six possible European cups and six times in a row in the semi-finals.

Such a coincidence! What will happen if Barça wins the Champion’s League this year?

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